Partners in Lifelong Learning

Pillar Nonprofit Network is committed to bringing people and organizations together. To help us accomplish these goals, Pillar is excited to announce that for the second year in a row Corporate Training Solutions – Fanshawe and Western Continuing Studies are our 2016 Professional Development Sponsors.

Collaboration Coach

The Collaboration Coach platform is designed to help your not-for-profit organization avoid common pitfalls, use successful strategies and make informed decisions about your collaborative initiatives and opportunities. More than a tool kit, Collaboration Coach aims to be a virtual coach. We invite you to spend some time exploring the various points of entry which guide you to reflective questions, tools and stories. You may be surprised where Collaboration Coach takes you!

The Travel Companion: Your Guide to Working with Others for Social Outcomes

The Centre for Social Impact believes we need effective models of collaboration to develop innovative solutions to the biggest social challenges today. But not all problems require systemic change and there are different ways of working with others to find solutions to these problems. The Travel Companion is here to help you understand whether and how you can work with others for social outcomes. 


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