Network mindset, gender equity, & community benefits: Pillar reflects on the ONN conference

Nothing generates creativity like a road trip (or train trip!).  A few of Pillar's staff headed up to Toronto for the Ontario Nonprofit Network conference, Nonprofit Driven.  From economic equity, how to activate a network and what it means to have decent work for women in nonprofits; we enjoyed two days of collaborative thinking, while exploring some tough challenges for our se

Pillar led Social Enterprise collaborative is making waves in Southwestern Ontario

2018 was a big year for Social Enterprise in Southwestern Ontario. Together with our regional partners, Pillar launched Social Enterprise Southwest, a collaborative effort to raise the level of social enterprise support and inject our region with the knowledge and tools we need to excel in social entrepreneurship. We’re helping those with big ideas have big impact!

The Pillar Design Collective and Design Thinking featured in Public Sector Digest

The Case Study follows the success of five consultants based out of Innovation Works who came together under the auspices of Pillar Nonprofit Network to form the Pillar Design Collective in response to an RFP by a consortium of Big Brother Big Sisters agencies in Southwestern Ontario looking to undertake a Regionalization Study.

Andre's Social Innovation Journey in the Mountains

Andre Vashist has just returned from the Social Innovation Residency with an incredible amount of hope, as a recipient of incredible gifts of wisdom. His blog is a reflection of this journey so far, and his opporutnity to share these gifts with you. Read on for some inspiration and great resources on Social Innovation and stay tuned for Pillar’s Systems Thinking Exchange and Workshop coming soon.


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